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Not sure who else to pick? Here's a list of some of our friends and favorites, so give them your vote if you don't already prefer one of the other candidates. The ones Drop Trio really wants your vote on are in pink.

BEST NEW ACT: The Handsomes

They're handsome, sure, but they also totally rock out.

BEST ROCK POP: Moses Guest / Linus Pauling Quartet

Both Houston stalwarts, both awesome. MG is out on national tour as we speak, and the Linus Pauling Quartet just put out an amazing new album. Do you prefer the jam or the rock? Your choice.


Did you see her sing at the Superbowl? Chills.

BEST COVER BAND: Dr. Jeff / The El Orbits

Dr. Jeff & his painkillers put on a damn fine show, with some of the most well chosen music in town. So do the El Orbits. Hmm, are you a rocker or are you a mod?


We don't know 'em, but our pals at Solar Flare records can vouch for Pilot Radio

BEST INDIE ROCK: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

You know red haired Jonas from Brasil, right? He's probably thrown you out at some point. But be merciful - his band (Kiss Kiss Kill Kill) is deserving of this award without a doubt.

BEST METAL: Write In Hollister Fracus

We don't know any of the folks on this year's ballot, so we'd say to write in Hollister Fracus!

BEST PUNK: Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Gun Crazy, JW Americana

What a tough one! All of the bands here rule. I saw JW Americana most recently, and we f'n love 'em. Gun Crazy is out on national tour right now and they rock out with the best of 'em. And the 'teens are just so damn intense they make you want to jump around. Your call.

BEST BLUES: Guy Schwartz and the New Jack Hippies

The hardest working band in Houston deserves a nod, for sure.

BEST FOLK: Lisa Novak & Melinda Mones / Hayes Carll / Lisa Novak and Melinda Mones / Lise Liddell / Mark Zeus / Gordy Quist

They're all great - we know Lisa Novak & Melinda Mones the best, but Lise, Gordy, Hayes and Mark are all incomparable songwriters and performers.


Hardcore bluegrass where most bands fear to tread.

BEST C&W: Hilary Sloan & Aunt Erma's Fillin' Station

Nobody knows cawntry like Hilary & Co. Give 'em some love.

BEST RAP: Studemont Project

Look for a Drop Trio / Studement Project collab in the next few months, for sure.

BEST FUNK / SOUL / R&B: Drop Trio


We endorse everybody in this category! John Evans is a Houston institution. Mandy Smith is an expert songwriter and really kicks ass on stage. Opie Hendrix is what you see when you look up Houston in the dictionary. Southern Backtones have one of the most unique (and rocking) sounds in town. And Ezra Charles lights his piano on fire! 'Nuff said.

BEST JAZZ: Drop Trio


Norma & her band do it every time - the definition of hot.


Pure energy, with monkey suits on.

REGGAE: Dubtex / D.R.U.M. / Neutral Sisters

Dubtex and D.R.U.M. are both friends and favorites of ours, and we've heard the Neutral Sisters are excellent too.

DANCE DJ: Wes Wallace

Spins down at Numbers and knows his stuff.

LOUNGE DJ: Ceeplus / DJ Sun

Do you go with the challenger or the reigning king? Guess it depends on how much you like the underdog.

GUITAR: Carolyn Wonderland

She's a stalwart at Last Concert Café and had a visit from Bob Dylan (a fan) not too long ago.

BASSIST: Ben Collis / Rozz Zamorano

Ben plays with Hilary Sloan - he's like a lightning rod for good music, just roots it right down into the earth. Rozz plays with the Fondue Monks and takes bass playing to a higher level than most people ever see.



Have you seen these guys? Tight doesn't even begin to describe their horn section, and their arrangements will knock your socks off.

DRUMMER: Claudio Depujadas / Nick Cooper

Cladio (from Clouseaux) is a musician's musician - expert to a fault, and deeply in tune with his band and his music. Nick is a driving force in the music scene and, since a recent trip to South America, has brought a whole school of new beats and forces into play in Houston. Tough choice!


If you haven't heard this woman sing the blues, you don’t know what it means to sing the blues.


The front man of the Buddhacrush, Tim pours out reams of the most well crafted lyrics and rocking vocals we've ever heard - a major force in Houston music.

LOCAL MUSICIAN: John Evans / Claudio Depujadas

John Evans - awesome singer / songwriter / bluesman / country musician. Claudio - expert and subtle drummer for Houston's most original band. Your call.

SONG OF THE YEAR: write in "Sensitive Man" by Tru Sol

Since we don't know any of these songs, we'd like you to write in "Sensitive Man" by Tru Sol.


Arthur Yoria is poised to take the country by storm, and it's not because of his haircut (though that's nice too). He's an astounding, consistent and creative songwriter, which puts him head and shoulders above.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Big Dipper by Drop Trio

BEST PRODUCER: Dan Workman / Mike Thompson

Dan Workman is Houston's uber-producer, and works with some of the biggest stars that come through this town. Another good choice here would be Mike Thompson - less well known, but an excellent producer in his own right, responsible for recent albums by Shannon Cutts, among others.

BEST LOCAL LABEL: Blue Corn / Solar Flare

Blue Corn - roots, americana, etc. Solar Flare: rock. You decide.


What else? Cactus.

BEST ROCK VENUE: Rhythm Room / Rudyards

They've both got awesome sound done by awesome engineers, and that's most important to us. Rudz is more homey, Rhythm Room is more focussed on the stage. Your call.

BEST BLUES / R&B VENUE: Last Concert Cafe

If you've ever enjoyed an evening under the stars listening to good old home cooked music at the Café, this one's a no brainer.


Intimate setting with a consistent stream of big names and top notch local performers.

BEST FOLK VENUE: Last Concert Café / Mucky Duck

Again, the Café is where it's at for this kind of music. But the Mucky Duck gives a pretty good run for the money.

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