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  • DJ Sun - Fantastic DJ, host of Soular Grooves, Saturdays from 9-11 pm on KPFT 90.1.
  • Groovin Ground - Our favorite band from Austin
  • Dimporphodon - Great lineup, great tunes - from New Orleans
  • Plump - Super energy Houston funk
  • Little Brother Project - Funky improv acid jazz featuring Drop Trio's own Marc Reczek - see them every wednesday night @ Dean's Credit Clothing, downtown
  • Rowzero - Indie pop rock - John Griffin is a fantastic musician, and a great engineer at Sugarhill Studios, too!
  • Bones - Eccentric blues from Baton Rouge
  • Tru Sol - Feel good soul music from Houston
  • Shake Kabibo - Funky jazz-rock and old-school pop
  • The Last Soul Descendents - Great downtempo & trip-hop grooves, fronted by some of Houston's most talented divas
  • You? - If you're a Houston band we haven't heard of, drop us an email and we'll come hang out, play with you, drink all the DP in your fridge, etc.

Some bands we look up to ...

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