They Won!!!

Please help our friend, Houston Jazz singer Cindy Scott, win a house!

Cindy and her husband are competing on a reality show called "House Rules." The show is sponsored by Lowe's and airs on TBS Superstation on Friday nights and Sat. mornings. It's kind of like "Survivor" meets "Trading Spaces." Bill and Cindy are the Blue Team.

The deal is this -- 3 couples live in and renovate 3 houses, and the couple who gets the most votes from America wins the house and $50,000. They had to do all the work themselves, and each week their work was ranked by 3 judges. Cindy and Bill worked their butts off and won the most renovation judgements (5 out of 9). They won for their front yard, living room, kitchen, family room (which incorporates a lovely jazz mural), and for catch-up week when they completed their master bath and bedroom.

On tonight's show (Dec 12), viewers get to tour of each completed house and compare the work of all three teams. Then, everyone who cares will be allowed to vote as many times as they wish for their favorite couple. So now it's a totally NEW contest to see which team can organize all of their friends, colleagues and relatives to vote THE MOST NUMBER OF TIMES!

Will your votes make a difference? The producers project that about 200,000 votes will be received (or ten percent of the viewer base.) If Cindy and Bill can get 50,000 votes (1/4 of 200,000) in addition to the Blue Team votes from the regular viewing audience, that might be enough to put them over the top.

At first glance, getting 50,000 votes seems impossible, but we are asking everybody we know to vote FIFTY times for the Blue Team. If only 10 core people get 100 of their friends to do this, it totals an astounding 50,000 votes!!!!! Now that's only 16 or 17 votes for each of the 3 voting days -- not that much for each person.

  • Vote Friday night, Dec 12 from 8pm CST.
  • Vote all day Saturday, Dec 13.
  • Vote all day Sunday, Dec 14 until the 11pm CST deadline.

Here’s how to vote:

Vote by Phone:

Call toll-free 1-877-TBS-4600, and follow the recorded instructions to place your vote for Bill & Cindy, the "Blue Team!"

Vote Online:

Go to and click on the House Rules voting page. Follow the link(s) and click the button underneath The Blue Team/Bill& Cindy. There's a security step to prevent programmed voting, but it's no big deal. No, you do not have to give your personal information. (Click here for a direct link to voting.)

The final results will be announced on the LIVE season finale of HOUSE RULES on Friday, December 19 at 8/7c on Channel 31 - TBS Superstation! Pay attention -- you might hear the fabulous Mike Wheeler strumming in the background.

Be sure to watch the show this Friday, too. The couples will be decorating their newly remodeled houses. If you miss Friday’s show, you can catch reruns of the last three episodes at 7, 8, and 9 Saturday morning.

Happy Holidays!

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