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Apr 7
HeliosLeap (6:15)7/16/2005

Stage recording from our last show at Helios. Read more.

Mar 15
Ruta MayaBarmecide (8:10)3/3/2006

Audience recording at Austin's raddest coffee shop, Ruta Maya. Read more.

Feb 21
DiverseworksHASCABAD (5:27)9/18/2005

Performance of the HACSABAD improvisation framework at DiverseWorks Read more.

Dec 30
The Engine RoomThe Big S.O. (3:40)12/1/2005

Board recording, opening for The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Recorded by Jason Priesman. Read more.

Nov 25
BrasilAbbey Rhodes (9:14)11/4/2005

From our CD listening party at Brasil, with robot voice solo. Read more.

Nov 11
BrasilThe Antepenultimate Countdown (3:54)11/4/2005

Improv from our CD listening party show at Brasil. Read more.

Nov 4
Elephant RoomFlux (6:30)11/3/2005

From last night's show at the Elephant Room. Read more.

Oct 21
Cezanne'sWet Dog (7:02)5/21/2005

From our new live album, Cezanne. Order it now! Read more.

Oct 14
Cezanne'sShelby (6:08)5/21/2005

From our soon to be released live album, Cezanne. Read more.

Sep 16
Mary Jane'sJeff Rocks (Improv) (11:40)7/24/2005

Stage recording from the Houston Press Music Awards afterparty at Mary Jane's (RIP). An improv dedicated to our pal Jeff Balke of Orange Is In who was hanging out that night. Read more.

Jul 29
Last Concert CafeMelody-Melody (7:57)8/1/2004

Stage recording from last year's Watermelon Festival. Read more.

Jul 22
HeliosTwo Star (Improv) (9:05)7/16/2005

Stage recording from last weekend's show at Helios. An improv in honor of our friends in Two Star Symphony. Read more.

Jul 15
HeliosWreck Of The Zephyr (6:54)1/29/2005

Stage recording, from our first show at Helios. Read more.

Jul 8
Jake's Sports CafeFull Set4/1/2005

Board recording, opening for The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Recorded by Jason Priesman. Read more.
Set list: Robot Suit: I -> Flux -> Shelby -> Wet Dog -> Abbey Rhodes -> Wreck Of The Zephyr -> Invisible Pants -> Leap -> The Big S.O. -> Mothership -> Fhqwhgads

Jul 1
Magik StudioThis Is My Funny Voice (Improv) (10:56)5/30/2005

Recorded in our rehearsal space at Magik Studios in Houston, TX. An improvisation to commemorate the end our tenure there. Thanks for everything guys!

Jun 17
Chelsea'sCognac Morning (7:49)5/7/2004

Stage recording, playing with Righteous Buddha. Read more.

Jun 3
Kaveh KanesWet Dog (9:13)7/25/2003

Stage recording, with Marc Reczek on bass and guitar. Read more.

May 27
The Perpetual Motion WarehouseIcarus (Improv) (6:27)4/20/2005

Audience recording at the Perpetual Motion Theory Warehouse in Houston, on 4/20. Read more.

May 20
The MeridianFull Set5/16/2005

Stage recording. Our opening set this week playing with the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex.
Set list: Sea Of Drummers (Improv) -> Robot Suit: I -> Barmecide -> Leap -> The Big S.O. -> Mothership -> Flux -> Abbey Rhodes

May 13
The Elephant RoomPreparing The Fhqwhgads (5:40)3/17/2005

Stage recording. From our set at SxSW 2005. Read more.

May 6
MIT Time Traveler ConventionJanuary Thirty-Fourth (Improv) (10:01)1/34/2027

Direct zort recording. Recorded during our trip to the MIT Time Traveler convention tomorrow.

Apr 29
BrasilFull Set4/22/2005

Stage recording. Patrick's 1 year anniversary show, with lots of crazy prog improv. Read more.
Set list: Sasquatch Utah (Improv) -> Invisible Pants -> Luna -> Barmecide -> Robot Suit -> Shelby Is Completely Disorganized -> LUG -> Abbey Rhodes -> MyStar -> Wreck Of The Zephyr -> Flux -> Leap -> The Big SO -> Mothership -> Preparing The Fhqwhgads

Apr 22
BrasilShelby (5:19)4/30/2004

Stage recording. The original improvisation of the tune "Shelby", during Patrick's first gig in Drop Trio, on the one-year anniversary of his joining the band. Read more.

Apr 15
Cotton Exchange BarRepublican Convention (Improv) (9:08)1/15/2004

Stage recording with Thomas Helton on bass. Our first time at the Cotton Exchange bar. Read more.

Apr 8
BrasilA Food In The Oven (Improv) (4:40)3/26/2004

Stage recording, improvised, with Nino Batista on bass. Read more.

Apr 1
Kaveh KanesThe Allen Smithee Show (4:46)7/11/2003

Stage recording, with Marc Reczek on bass. In honor of Marc's wedding to Lindsey next week. Congratulations Marc! Sorry Lindsey!

Mar 16
Super Happy Fun LandFull Set3/21/2004

Multitrack recording by Guy Schwartz and Roger Taus. Totally improvised set - our first year at the annual South By Due East festival in Houston. Read more.

Mar 11
BrasilThe Schlort Monster (Improv) (5:52)3/4/2005

Stage recording - improv piece with the Prophet 600. Read more.

Mar 4
Jake's Sports CafeFull Show2/25/2005

Stage recording. Damn, Lubbock never disappoints! Read more.
Set list: L.U.G. -> Wreck Of The Zephyr -> Leap -> The Big S.O. -> Mothership -> Wake The Whale -> Shelby Gets Her Nerve Up -> Houdini Goldenrod -> Cissy Strut -> Flux -> Barmecide -> Abbey Rhodes -> Robot Suit: I -> Wet Dog -> Lefty's Alone -> Luna -> Invisible Pants -> Preparing The Canvas -> Melody-Melody

Feb 25
The MeridianWreck Of The Zephyr (10:19)2/18/2005

Stage recording from a show with Particle. Read more.

Feb 18
The MeridianRobot Suit I (5:00)11/12/2004

Matrix of live audience recording and soundboard recording, from a show with Mofro. Read more.

Feb 11
BrasilWake The Whale (6:28)2/4/2005

Stage recording at Funk Jazz Fridays. Read more.

Feb 4
HeliosInvisible Pants (8:03)1/29/2005

Stage recording from our first show at Helios. Running commentary by shane. Read more.

Jan 28
Last Concert CafeFull Show10/23/2004

Sound board / stage matrix. Full show from the "Leap" CD release party at the Last Concert Café on 10/23/04. Read more.

Jan 21
The ProletariatMothership (6:58)12/12/2004

Live stage recording. Our last show of 2004, and our first time at the Proletariat. Read more.

Jan 14
BrasilWet Dog (6:27)5/14/2004

Live multitrack recording, for a Funk Jazz Fridays show at Brasil - big thanks to Greg Lizee for engineering. Read more.

Jan 7
BrasilLeap (4:57)12/10/2004

Live stage recording - the title track from the new CD, live at Brasil. Read more.

Dec 31
The Art StudioNot To Touch The Earth (6:25)5/8/2004

Live stage recording. Our first cover song to grace the live archive - this is a tune by the Doors (though scarcely recognizable) Read more.

Dec 10
The Art StudioLefty's Alone (7:46)5/8/2004

Live stage recording. There's a bit of wind noise, since it was an outside show. Read more.

Dec 3
The MeridianFlux (6:02)11/12/2004

Live audience recording Read more.

Nov 19
Luna (San Antonio, TX)Shelby Gets A Haircut (6:51)6/17/2004

Our first time in San Antonio, at the ever excellent club Luna.

Nov 12
Vortex (Beaumont, TX)Melody-Melody (17:38)9/3/2004

Stage recording. This was the first time we played the 17 minute epic version. Also, Ian's "Middle G" key on the Rhodes had broken only a few songs before this. Read more.

Nov 5
Continental ClubThe Big S.O. (4:16)10/30/2004

Southern Backtones CD Release Party. Stage recording. Read more.

Oct 29
Last Concert CafeMothership (6:49)10/23/2004

Soundboard / stage matrix recording from the CD release party. Read more.

Oct 10
Hailey's (Denton, TX)Robot Suit I (3:54)10/9/2004

Sound board recording Read more.

Aug 27
BrasilJam (5:10)5/28/2004

Nick Anaya, Sax; Thomas Helton, bass. An exceprt of one of several improv jams. Read more.

Aug 13
CezanneSecond First (2:09)8/12/2004

Short clip - stage recording Read more.

Jun 13
Gallery 101Jam (7:36)6/12/2004

Ian on drums + Mike on keys = Little Girl Screaming Read more.

Jun 4
Rhythm RoomCognac Morning (7:16)6/3/2004

Sound board recording Read more.

May 5
BrasilMelody-Melody (10:58)4/30/2004

Patrick's first gig Read more.

May 3
CryolabInvisible Pants (4:58)5/1/2004

With Marc Reczek on bass Read more.

Apr 2
Flamingo CantinaFull Set4/1/2004

Sound board recording by Nick Brophy. Read more.
Set list: Improv -> Leap -> Wreck Of The Zephyr -> Invisible Pants -> Wet Dog -> Lefty's Alone -> Melody-Melody -> Flux -> Cognac Morning

Mar 25
Last Concert CafeAbbey Rhodes (4:05)4/18/2003

Stage recording Read more.

Feb 24
Rhythm RoomFull Set1/31/2004

Sound board recording by Jason Priesman. Read more.
Set list: Barmecide -> Wreck Of The Zephyr -> Wet Dog -> Lefty's Alone -> Flux -> Abbey Rhodes -> Martini -> Wake The Whale -> Second First

Jun 30
KPFT 90.1 FMFull Set6/23/2003

Interview and in-studio performance Read more.
Set list: Wallawalla (from Big Dipper) -> Interview 1 -> Wreck Of The Zephyr (Live) -> Interview 2 -> Wet Dog (Live) -> Interview 3: Influences (Caller) -> Interview 4: Salsa Question (Caller) -> Interview 5: Mista White (Caller) -> Interview 6: Mary (Caller) -> Morning Cognac (Live) -> Interview 7: Cognac Story -> Interview 8: Mimic -> Abbey Rhodes (Live) -> Interview 9: TV Themes -> Interview 10: Fade In -> Melody-Melody (Live) -> Interview 11: Ending -> SlapJack Fadeout (from Big Dipper)

May 28
Last Concert CafeFull Set5/10/2003

Sound board / stage recording. Read more.
Set list: Cissy Strut (The Meters) -> Second First -> Wreck Of The Zephyr -> Invisible Pants -> Wet Dog -> Lefty's Alone -> Wake The Whale -> Wallawalla -> Bubblehouse (Medeski, Martin & Wood) -> Cars Trucks Buses (Phish) -> Abbey Rhodes -> Melody-Melody -> Morning Cognac -> Martnini -> Not To Touch The Earth (The Doors)

Mar 15
BrasilWreck Of The Zephyr (4:35)2/8/2003

Special guest vocals by James Garcia Read more.

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